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White Lodge Hotel Evergreen Lane, Constantia, Cape Town

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Tel 021 794 2951


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The Chief Executives’ Office UK

The School of Coaching UK

In association with 

The Coaching Centre South Africa

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An international cadre of coach training and certifying bodies and Executive Coaches and Authors combine to deliver South Africas first certified Executive Business Coach training programme offering three academic Awards :

  • SACAP Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching
  • SOC Executive Coaching Diploma
  • Potential Award of a Masters level Chester University UK, Post Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching and use of Designatory letters PGCert Exec Coach


White Lodge Hotel, Evergreen Lane Constantia, CapeTown


August 10-17 2008

Keynote Day Delegates

Entry to the Myles Downey Keynote day is unrestricted. Anyone interested in coaching and wishing to learn from world leaders may attend Myles first day August 13 . These ‘day delegates’ are treated as full delegates and may choose to participate in all exercises, triads, forums etc; the days are certified as Continuous Professional Development credit days and the fees are South African tax allowable.

Unique 'WORK BASED' entry credentials and award structure

The programme is world pioneering because

The awards are ' WORK BASED ' - study credits being earned not only for completion of the tutorial phase set out in the Syllabus, but also for the number of years and job responsibility levels, delegates have achieved in their careers.

  1. Because the training material is based on leading edge experiential psychological concepts, tools, and techniques, this pioneering event will be the first to mix all delegate levels together in a unique cross cultural/status learning environment.

Thus a young 22 yr old with a Degree may complete the programme and obtain the SACAP Business Coach Certificate with credits to continue studies in parallel with work experience for later advanced awards; whilst a chairman or CEO with over 10 years executive board experience may complete the same tutorial training course and receive PRIOR LEARNING WORK BASED CREDITS that enable them to obtain the highest award, a Masters level Post Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching and entitlement to use the designatory letters PGCert Exec Coach.

The table below indicates typical delegate entry levels - and graded tutorial fees which reflect delegate income levels. The credentials are illustrative only and any interested candidate may seek specific guidance on their entry level.

Potential Award level

Typical commercial entry criteria

Delegate fee

Senior level

1. SACAP Graduate Executive Coach Award 

2. SOC UK Diploma in Executive Coaching

3. Chester University UK Masters level Post Graduate Certificate in Exec Coach. Use of designatory letters PGCert Exec Coach

10 yrs senior business experience in public or private sectors:

Either >

As main or divisional  executive board directors being familiar with statutory  board meeting procedures, management and financial reports, Project or divisional Business Plan creation, Profit & Loss planning and assessment; and direct operational team leadership of minimum 20 personnel.


Partnership experience in consultancy, B2B or a project team based business, including law, management consultancy, HR or financial services; familiarity with all aspects of SME operational and strategic planning, team development and specific team leadership of minimum 10 personnel


Significant experience of coaching, mentoring, non executive directorship, counselling or other psychologically based roles at senior management or executive board levels


Diploma level

1. SACAP Graduate Executive Coach Award

2. SOC UK Diploma in Executive Coaching

3. Prior learning credits facilitating higher awards, as above, on later career progression

10 yrs public/private sector experience :


As team Manager leading minimum 10 personnel; familiarity with formal strategic business meeting procedures and reporting, business plan creation and targeting,  budget creation, management and reporting, direct operational project team leadership


As Self employed sole trader or partner with significant entrepreneurial success in consultancy, project, B2B or operational business. Existing relevant qualifications in might include 1st or 2nd higher education awards. Eg Chartered Institute membership, MBA, etc


Entry level

1. SACAP Certificate in Business Coaching

2. Prior learning credits facilitating higher awards, as above, on later career progression

Significant early career progress and/or evidence of successful personal development. (1st degree, project leadership, team management, inter company performance awards, private study towards recognised business qualifications etc) 



Bursary category  see below


Note . Because this is a work based higher education programme - where the delegates senior/specialised work experience qualifies for prior learning credits - no University first degree is necessary.  


 Taxation. As this is a work based study programme, all fees are likely to be tax allowable for SA delegates who should take accountancy advice


* On completion of all three academic awards (see later) , qualifying delegates are entitled to membership of CEONCR (CEO National Coaching Register) which has its own website and over 100 international coaches as listed below. 

Attendance list of this programme over past 5 years
  1. David Scotland President Allied Domecq Wines & Spirits £500m 
  2. Mike McKenzie MD Scottish & Newcastle Division £1bn. 
  3. Peter Thompson MD ecommerce £100m 
  4. Peter Everett MD Electronics £20m 
  5. Gerry Rogers MD Building materials £10m 
  6. David Garth Chairman Fmcg manufacture £10m 
  7. Miles Protter MD Executive Coaching 
  8. Adrian Reeve VP Chemicals manufacture £500m 
  9. Barrie Gardner MD Food manufacture £60m 
  10. Peter Buckingham MD Britannia Airlines £1bn. 
  11. Tom Preston MD Commodity import/export £60m 
  12. James Scouller MD Interior Design Equipment £30m 
  13. Roberto Ascoli MD Fmcg manufacture £1.5bn. 
  14. Naren Nanda HR Director Unilever Home & Personal Care £30bn 
  15. Ajay Khaitan Chairman Mining Conglomerate £200m 
  16. Derek Wilson Chairman Food manufacture £60m 
  17. Neil Hufton MD Diversey Lever £250m 
  18. Allan Caven MD Search & Selection £150m 
  19. Peter Ryding CEO £20m IT Services 
  20. Bill Sheils CEO Worldcom £60m 
  21. Chris Ogden Senior partner Consultancy 
  22. John Jessop CEO Reuters £450m 
  23. Alex Evans Chairman Book Publishing £12m 
  24. Jenni Sivertsen MD Commodities £300m 
  25. Keith Stott CEO Food Manufacture £130m 
  26. Rod Leefe Chairman Search & Selection £20m 
  27. Anne Pasquier Country Manager Search & Selection £30m 
  28. Alastair Blackburn MD IT £100m 
  29. Trevor Mawhinney MD Financial Services £500m 
  30. Terry Richardson MD Pharmaceuticals £100m 
  31. Dave Kane CEO Electrical Procurement £300m 
  32. Adrian Northcott MD Manufacturing £30m 
  33. Philip Parker Portfolio Chairman Electronics, Oil, IT, Retail £50m 
  34. Rod Scribbins CEO Halfords Ltd £500m 
  35. Anthony Werneck SVP Latin America Reckitt Benckiser £1bn. 
  36. Joe Imrie Head of Buying Waitrose £2bn. 
  37. Neil Jenner Portfolio NXD Fin Services, Toys, house building £30m 
  38. Richard Flaye Portfolio Chairman B2B, Medical, IT £50m 
  39. Trevor Brocklebank. MD IT £6m 
  40. Brian Minchin. MD £2m IT Consultancy 
  41. Rian Van Alphen. Commercial Director. £500m Ecommerce banking 
  42. Jeff Chandra. CEO £2bn NHS 
  43. Tracey Pepper. MD. £20m Water Services 
  44. Kate Twaddell. MD £6m Retail Singapore 
  45. Richard Slingsby. MD £30m Building Materials 
  46. Chris Hutt. Chairman. £200m licensed premises 
  47. Rob Westcott. Group CIO £500m Auto Finance 
  48. Peter Legg. HR Director Food manufacturing 
  49. Dave Kelham. MD £20m drinks 
  50. Tom Fremantle Deputy MD Engineering £50m 
  1. Karen Moir Director/Organisational Development Britannia B Soc £3bn
  2. Piers Copham Strategy Director Taylor Woodrow plc £1bn 
  3. Russell Ford MD Iceland plc £1bn. 
  4. Mark Jamieson Director Estate Agency £1m 
  5. Tim Polkinghorne MD Purchasing Logistics £10m 
  6. Magnus Spence European CEO Financial Research £2m 
  7. Tim Roberts Tutor Chester University 
  8. David Somerville Principal Psychology 
  9. Mandy Wearne Executive Director Health Authority £3bn 
  10. John Suffolk MD IT £10bn 
  11. Richard Fifield MD Corporate Finance £10m 
  12. Helen Sykes Marketing Director Asset Management £2bn 
  13. Michael Smith Principal Search & Selection £1m 
  14. Michael Faust MD Travel £300m 
  15. Michael Winslow Global Supply Chain Director £400m Construction/Real estate 
  16. Will Pugh Divisional Head Global Retail Brands £30m 
  17. Chris Burton European sales Director Mars Inc 
  18. Brian Guest CEO £500m Insurance services 
  19. David Learmond SVP HR £300m Unilever China 
  20. Simon Smith Director £20bn Shell 
  21. Carolyn Stanton Barrister 
  22. Anne Wright CEO £400m food manufacture 
  23. Colin Davie. SVP HR Unilever Africa 
  24. Dennis Lewis SVP £30bn Supply Chain Unilever 
  25. Cecile Buckenmeyer Manchester Business School 
  26. Bill Twibill GM IBM 
  27. Paul Hooper Keeley FD £30m B2B 
  28. Lord Tom Sawyer Former Sec Gen Unison 
  29. Karen Collier HR Director Unilever 
  30. Keith Haisman CEO Insurance 
  31. Prof Paul Turner HR Director Lloyds Bank 
  32. Colin Davie HR Director Unilever 
  33. Alison O'Mahoney Executive Coach 
  34. Andy Bloyce CSI Government 
  35. David Griffiths Solicitor Geldards 
  36. Tom Saxlund MD Leisure 
  37. Glyn Fussell Director Charity 
  38. Simon Hawkins MD Private Equity 
  39. Jeremy Hamer Portfolio Chairman 
  40. John Best CEO Energy 
  41. Annelie Green Executive Coach 
  42. Adrienne Percival HR Director Drinks 
  43. Paul Haslam GM Retail
  44. Sir John Allison Portfolio Chairman
  45. John Osterberg MD Food Manufacture
  46. Lance Reynolds MD Leisure
  47. Torrie Smith MD Executive Recruitment
  48. Ron Hyams MD Executive Coaching
  49. Gerry Peyton HR Director Childrens Nurseries

  1. John Webster. The Chief Executives Office
  2. Sir John Whitmore. Performance Consultants 
  3. Richard Green. MD Kleinwort Capital 
  4. Richard Fifield Tenon Corp Finance 
  5. Joseph O’Connor. Author 
  6. Kim Morgan. Barefoot life Coaching 
  7. Georges Philips. Psychotherapist 
  8. Sir David White. Portfolio Chairman 
  9. Tom Preston. NCR Coach* 
  10. Dr. David Rae. Derby University 
  11. Richard Uglow. Executive Coach 
  12. James Stokes. Executive Coach 
  13. Paul Harrison. Hermes Lens 
  14. Dr Chris Ridgeway. Executive Coach 
  15. Gary Foster. Business Coach 
  16. Keith Stott. NCR Coach* 
  17. Bill Sheils* NCR Coach 
  1. Naren Nanda, Principal, Enen Consulting* 
  2. Kriss Akabusi, Principal, Akabusi & Associates 
  3. Kirsten Mason, Director, Arts & Business 
  4. Leon Kamhi, Director, Stockmarket 
  5. Kevin Caley. MD Venture Capital 
  6. Guy Revis. Head Franchisee. Action International 
  7. Rod Leefe. Chairman. Executive Search & Selection* 
  8. Graham Lee. Executive Coach 
  9. David Franks. Executive Coach 
  10. John Leary Joyce. Executive Coach Trainer 
  11. Prof Judy Delin. Linguistics 
  12. Karen Moir. HR Director * 
  13. Trevor Brocklebank, CEO* 
  14. David Kelham, MD* 
  15. Tim Roberts Chester University 
  16. Peter Hogarth. Principal Praesta LLP

* Graduates from the programme

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