Client Comments on Service

Peter Howard-Dobson B.Sc., C. Eng. MIEE

"John Webster introduced me to an extraordinary and enticing world, though I probably only believed about half of what he told me, and took the rest with a pinch of salt. It has all proved true, as I've often learned the hard way, and his introductions, advice, support and encouragement have all been hugely valuable."

David Wallis - Portfolio Chairman
Former Chairman/CEO Merchant Retail plc

"The service provided by John Webster and his team has proved invaluable to me personally. Having always led a business I did not even have a CV. He took me through that process and trained me how to market myself as a prospective Chairman or professional non-executive director to both PLC and VC backed businesses. Within two years I now have a manageable portfolio of five such positions. I have since successfully used the Chief Executive's Office to appoint non executive directors myself. The service is totally professional, but John never forgets that business should be enjoyable and fun."

£3 billion turnover PLC HR Director

John's process is quite unique. Thanks to his coaching, I got a plc non-executive directorship in competition with 68 other candidates up to Divisional plc Chairman status. Within a year of getting that appointment, I have been put on the main board of my plc - at the age of 35!

Next John introduced me to the Portfolio Chairman of five companies who have become my personal business coach. He and John together are taking me on an accelerated development programme to achieve my aim of being a plc Chief Executive within five years. I would recommend John's programme to any director - and have in fact introduced three of our senior directors to John who have also taken programmes with him. One of them, (David Galloway) obviously found the process so good that he offered to buy the company of CEO! (He has become Regional Chairman for the South-East!).


£30 million turnover PLC CEO. Age 44

John helped me get my first plc non-executive directorship in three months. His tactical briefing on how to present myself for the non-executive directorship was so perfect, it was as if he had read the chairman's mind!

Within months, John then introduced me to a venture-capital backed turnaround company where I went in as interim Managing Director for a year. Then as that role came to an end, I was invited to become UK Chief Executive of the plc on the company of which I was a non-executive director. In the space of 24 months, John has completely transformed my career. Any director wanting to maximise their career, really needs to talk to CEO.


£400 million turnover PLC Divisional Managing Director. Age 40.

I went on CEOs 1:1 intensive coaching programme which was sponsored by my company; I really did not expect much from it. In fact, the blistering pace and sheer enthusiasm of John Webster has completely changed not only my career, but also my personal life. In four bewildering days of new discovery and adventure (and a lot of fun), I and my wife achieved the following:-

  1. We completely re-planned my career to enable me to develop the skills of a plc CEO within three years.

  2. That involves a massive personal development programme that will take a lot of time.

  3. I have saved an enormous amount of time that I can now give to my family and yet at the same time still fulfil the career development programme. My wife and I are really delighted that I can build an even better career and yet have more time with my young family.

  4. We created a financial plan that was quite amazing and gave my wife and I an astonishing feeling of security and certainty when we saw how to really understand and plan our personal finances to give us financial independence at age 50.

  5. I have created a personal development programme that when I see it, it makes complete sense. How could I ever at 40 years of age have never seen for myself the simplicity of properly planning my future business career (and how that links so closely into my personal life). I have recommended three colleagues to go and see John immediately and my boss (European President with 1 billion turnover) also met John and immediately signed up for a programme himself at age 53!