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 Objectives :

Phase 1   Fee £100 + VAT 1 hour duration (Free to BIMBO workshop delegates)

Ø     Examination of my financial, domestic, health and career backgrounds and future career intentions. 

Ø      Comments by CEO as to director’s intentions compared with market conditions. Assessment by CEO as to its ability to help the director with their intended career options

Phase 2.   (At Client’s option). Fee £275 + VAT.     30 minutes duration (Free to BIMBO workshop delegates)

Ø      Immediate verbal review by CEO of the director’s potential to secure a new career appointment from the following range of options - & any others the director identifies to CEO during the meeting.

(This phase will include a pragmatic market aware assessment by CEO of the executive’s potential prospects & suitability for each option in today’s competitive market conditions; how best to secure them; how long it can take; & how to minimise the costs & risks so as to protect the executive’s position.) 

(a)                Traditional full or part time salaried employment

(b)                Non executive directorship

(c)            Interim management roles

(d)                Consultancy, including executive coaching roles.

(e)                Management buy in/out - including the executive’s ability to lead/join an MBI team. Personal stake & likely equity share.  Professional fee avoidance. Search process & success prospects.

(f)                 Smaller company buy-in

(g)         Franchise and business start-up

(h)          Portfolio appointment including business angel roles

(i)                  Joint venture set up or divisional turnaround

(j)                  Any other career opportunities that the director may specify including charitable/community work 

Ø      Provision of a verbal Action Plan of the essential steps the director must take to protect his options in today’s competitive marketplace

Ø      Comments on the director’s CV. 

4.        To consider the suitability of CEO working with the director on a retained basis, to secure their preferred options.   

5.   Attendance, at no additional charge, at any 1 day event held by CEO on topics that include BIMBO, NXD Portfolio creation, Interim Management, Business Set Up, Consultancy, Executive Coaching, Business Angels, etc 

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