Free coaching - Guinea Pigs required.

To complete the qualification programme, the NCR trainee coaches have to undertake three coaching assignments each requiring three sessions each of minimum three hours.  “Guinea pig clients” prepared to help the coaches complete their assignments are actively sought.  Any director prepared to participate may do so free of charge.  If the client (guinea pig) travels to the coach’s venue, no charges are incurred.  If the coach travels to the client’s venue, the client is responsible for covering coach travel expenses and meals, if any.

The arrangements for these free sessions are as follows:-

  • The client and the coach are put in touch with each other. Where possible, graphic proximity is a factor. There are coaches around UK.

  • The client has to provide a written assessment to the coach after each of the three coaching sessions.

  • The client also has to provide a final written overall appraisal of the value and benefits of the coaching process and of the coach’s ability.

  • The coach will have the right to use these appraisals as part of their marketing credentials.

  • Ideally, the client will inform their company of the free coaching sessions and the company will also provide an independent assessment as to how the client performance has been improved.

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