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Autumn 2002 . First Training course Report and delegates comments 

The first 10 day training course for qualification as an executive business coach finished in October 2002. 

15 chairmen/MDs completed the course and are now progressively completing three trial coaching assignments, each of three days.  By November 30 most will be qualified as the UKs first group of executive business coaches receiving the award of Derby University’s post-graduate Certificate in Executive Business Coaching (PGCert.Exec.Bus.Coach).

The first qualifying candidates are



Company / Sector


David Scotland


Allied Domecq Wines & Spirits


Peter Dickson


Yates plc


Mike McKenzie


Scottish & Newcastle Division


Peter Thompson




Peter Everett




Gerry Rogers


Building Materials


David Garth


Fmcg manufacture


Miles Protter


Executive Coaching 

Adrian Reeve VP Chemicals manufacture


Barrie Gardner MD Food manufacture


Peter Buckingham




Tom Preston


Commodity import/export


James Scouller MD Commercial Wallcoverings


Roberto Ascoli MD FMCG manufacture



The group are now registered on CEOs website as founder members of the National Coaching Register and available for 1:1 coaching assignments..

The group is forming a marketing arm and is already in touch with leading venture capital houses and corporate financiers to provide coaches to VC backed MBI/O teams. 

CEO is leading the initiative to build the National Coaching up to an initial membership of 100 coaches, so as to try to provide experts in every main business sector or type.  

The next coach training course is being planned for early Spring 2003, with further courses  expected later in 2003. 

Reservations are now being taken for delegates for the next course. Attendance will be by invitation only. 

Autumn 2002 . First Training course delegates comments


“I am astonished just watching myself influencing and motivating people since I completed the course.  Within a month I got my first commercial coaching assignment.  The Managing Director of an Australian business is flying into UK for it!  That’s how this magical process breaks all traditional thinking.  I am still in a complete whirl but my God is it fun!”  Barrie Gardner, Portfolio Non Executive Chairman. Former MD of £60m food processing business


“The CEO course doesn’t just offer routes in a career in executive coaching or the world of VC back companies.  It also has clear benefits for Chief Executives wanting to sharpen their leadership skills in their current roles.  The NLP training – which is a crucial part of the course – has, in my view, already made a noticeable difference to my effectiveness as it’s given me more skill and flexibility in tough situations.”  James Scouller, CEO £40m international manufacturing business.


“Coaching is a new market resource never before available.  CEOs training programme with Derby University is market leading and utterly essential for anyone seriously wanting to coach at chairman level”.   Peter Dickson. Portfolio Non Executive Chairman, former Chairman, £150m Yates plc..


“CEO have created something utterly remarkable.  In ten days our group got a toolbag of coaching techniques that are unbelievably powerful.  In one of my first coaching sessions, my new client was so impressed that they offered me non-executive chairmanship of the business!”  Tom Preston, CEO £100m turnover commodity trading business.


“I can’t believe how this remarkable “brain technology”, has just quietly evolved without the world hearing about it before.  Knowledge of how we think, and therefore how we can change our beliefs and behaviours, is new to me and I think will be new to most MDs.  It can transform behaviour (and the profits of your business!) really fast. It’s a marvellous way into a new part time career or portfolio”.  Jim Seligman. Former CEO £250 Speedo leisurewear.


“To me this is a remarkably simple and new route into the construction of a portfolio.  As one of the first qualified coaches in the country, I am already in touch with venture capitalists and they are keen on the idea of us helping them improve some of their under-performing deals.  That will inevitably lead on to non-executive directorships or chairmanship opportunities for me.  Quite apart from that, the ability to improve an MDs profit is really easy with the checklists and structures that this programme provides”.  Mike McKenzie, Divisional Managing Director, £1bn turnover Scottish & Newcastle.



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