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CEO receives circa 30 opportunities per month
The following is a typical (actual) list

Note: Opportunities on this list are received from vendors, venture capitalists and corporate financiers throughout the UK. The CEO service and client list is nationwide

Notes: CEO clients are reminded that details shown herein are deliberately minimal to acknowledge the confidentiality that is required in the venture capital and equity based marketplace

6084 MD Plant Hire
6085 MD Furniture/Fabrics
6086 MD MD Mobile Phones
6087 CEO IT
6088 BIMBO/MD Advertising Agency
6089 Sales & Marketing Director Software
6090 Non-executive Chairman Advertising
6091 Interim Project FD Retailing
6092 Non-executive Chairman Advertising
6093 MD Exhibitions
6094 CFO Leisure
6095 Project Director Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
6096 MD Chain Restaurant
6097 NXC & 2NXD's Media
6098 NXC BIMBO Retailing
6099 Chairman & FD Pharmaceutical BB Start up
6100 MD/Production Educational toy market, furniture etc
6101 Interim MD Leisure/Motorcycling/Chandlery
6102 MD Electronic Manufacturing
6103 Property Estates Director

6104 MD Retail Chain Dry Cleaners
6105 MD Mobile Phone Accessories
6106 MD Networking
6107 Angel Furniture Manufacturer
6108 MD Production Machine Manufacturing
6109 FD Retail
6110 Facilities/Project Manager Retail
6111 CEO Water
6112 MD Food
6113 MD Confectionery
6114 MD Electronic Manftg
6115 IT Director City Financial Services
6116 NX Chairman Logistics
6117 NX Director Marketing Services
6118 NXC Telecoms/Financial Services
6119 NXC Transport Services
6120 NXC Fruit Marketing
6121 NXC Road Equipment
6122 Partner Construction/Shop Fitting
6123 NXC Financial Services





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