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3 day Workshop  -   Coaching Skills for Turnaround Directors.

UK and South Africa

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Coaching Skills for Business Leaders
Programme Design
Day 1. Fundamental Concepts
Day 2. New Concepts and Tools
Day 3. Mastering your Learning
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John Webster
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John Whitmore
John Whitmore
Board Level Participant Feedback:
“In an incredibly short period this course imparted, not just mechanistic knowledge, but deep understanding of the principles behind the proven tools for coaching at senior levels. I can see that, with a little more diligent practice, these tools will make me a significantly more effective leader that is extracting the highest possible performances from my team.”
"This provided great content based on comprehensive research and learning in this fascinating subject, together with a wide variety of practical tools. The balance of information-giving and practice in small groups was spot on. Along with the great content, John’s delivery, enthusiasm and passion for the subject illuminated the topic and is a great encouragement for adoption and further exploration of this differentiating approach to business and life."
"Excellent in collating the learning and embedding."
"Extremely powerful and challenging.  Perfect for resolving some key relationship.  Best course-education in my life – personal and career."
"Utterly excellent.  Illuminating and ultimately enjoyable.  Practice sessions excellent – the dual coaching was extremely effective.  The level of compression is still comprehensible."

'Transform the head and the behaviour follows. That’s what characterises the role of performance psychologists working with Federer, Woods and top sports stars worldwide. Now the unique skillset is available to business leaders."

John Webster
Founder, CEO's Office

Coaching Skills for Turnaround Directors. London Sep 11-13
Coaching Skills for Turnaround Directors. Cape Town Sep 26-28


This is a pioneering programme for leaders of corporate turnaround projects who, in today’s new economic conditions, are facing dramatic shifts in business that require either downsizing or strategic growth refocus to capture opportunities flowing from competitors withdrawing from the market. For leaders who recognise that the entire success of their role and their company lies in the hands of ‘people’- colleagues, customers and suppliers; and what needs to be done to maximise the performance of that asset base.

Leadership Training

The content is an intensive 3 day experiential immersion into the tools and techniques that have been taught over a six year period, to over 100 Chairmen, CEOs, Peers and Knights of the realm, representing c £10bn turnover on the 12 day CEO Executive Coach training programme which has a Masters level award certification (Post Graduate Certificate, Executive Coaching).

The programme is a virtual 3 day cascade of radically new and different people/communication skills that were taken c20 years ago into sport and are now being bespoked into commerce and business; skills taken from decades of confidential use in psychology, psychotherapy and counselling, and have been carefully sculptured to be directly applicable to the non clinical world of turnaround leadership 

The programme is specifically designed for:

Day 1: Fundamental Concepts

The focus of the first day is on doing; actually starting to use exquisite coaching skills in triads where rotating through coach, client and observer roles is the important part. 

  • You use Checklist No 1 which identifies the fundamental concepts you need to understand and practice. It’s a complete process list of actions needed from start to finish of a coaching session. You use the Checklist until you are ready to throw it away and bespoke your own model.

  • It acknowledges many well validated concepts from psychology that may be radically new to you; many that on first thought, can seem absurdly opposed to every skill you use as a an executive team leader and yet how – as you get to try them out and understand them - you become so comfortably equipped to choose to switch them on when you want to improve your relationships with colleagues above and below and/or with anyone else in your life


Day 2: New Concepts and Tools

Day 2 will enable you to continue to practice what you have learnt on Day 1 while you progressively add new concepts that will quickly become familiar to you. You will get to see demos and practice some of the coach’s best Tools and Concepts:

  • Radical listening and use of silence; No consultancy positioning; the client can solve their own problem No responsibility, No judgements or solutions. No advice. Asking not telling. The client is doing the best they can and is never wrong – just different

  • The amazing power that developed  ‘Sensory acuity’ and ‘Rapport’ bring to all your future conversations with people.
  • Wheel of Life, GROW, Perceptual Positions, Disney Strategy, Visualisation, Hypnotic language, Sensory acuity, Rapport/matching, Questioning techniques and advanced linguistic skills that transform business conversation, etc

Day 3. Mastering and using your new skills

The first session that will be an open forum to assess – now you know the basic skill set - how these tools can best be used by turnaround leadersThat will help set the future syllabus and course format and may direct where for the late afternoon, we repeat or revisit some tools/concepts
Also in the late morning of day 3, we have 2 Case Histories that you will receive in advance. The idea is that you will consider how you would handle them BEFORE you come on the 3 day programme.

On day 3 you will break you into teams to produce reports hopefully illustrating how you might have adapted your thinking and actions on the two cases as the result of your new skills.  This is a bold attempt to add powerful evidence of the power of the programme to support its future shape and potential.


Open Programme Dates

Coaching Skills for Turnaround Directors. London October 2009
Coaching Skills for Turnaround Directors. Cape Town Sep 26-28

Programme Location & Structure

3-Day Module
Entry Requirement: Open to all
London Open Programme: The Queens Club

Programme Fees

£1,250 early bird rate until the end of May or £1,390 full price. Non residential.

All fees are subject to VAT

SA R1550  early bird rate or R1750 2 weeks before course start date. Non residential

All fees are subject to VAT
An invoice will be raised on booking.

If you have a group of people that you would like to put on this programme, please contact us directly as programme fees indicated are for the attendance of one person only.

Open Programme Bookings

To book a place or for further information on open programmes please contact John Webster or Tamsin Langrishe.

Corporate Bespoke Programmes

We offer bespoke programmes globally on client requests. For further information or to discuss how the programme may be amended to meet your corporate needs please contact John Webster or David Brown.